Thursday, February 10, 2005


First Release

Just made the first release ever (0.1.1). All of the basic features are there. You can create lists of questions, save lists, open saved lists, and have it ask you the questions one by one. It isn't very smart about asking the questions. Right now it just picks them randomly and makes sure it never asks the same one twice in a row. A smart question chooser thingee is at the top of my lists of things to do. Also, if you save while it's asking questions, weird things may happen. It'll definitely lose your progress since the last time you were in the edit mode, and worse things could happen. I'll have to fix that.

Check out the new release on the sourceforge website.
A nice project you've got here. You seem to care about a nice interface and usability as well as functionality, and your code is neat and tidy. I'd love to help, if I can find some time.
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